Over the years there have been several very questionable dating sites which claimed to be for transgender and/or cross dressers to contact others who may be interested. I can’t remember even during my “active” dating site days I ever really spent much time trying any of the trans sites.

Instead, I tried the other mostly free sites under different titles. On one I would be a woman looking for a woman, on another I would be a man looking for a woman. From there, in my profile, I would point out I was transgender.

During this time I was desperately lonely and was fortunate to have a person such as my partner Liz respond to one of my postings on a dating site called Zoosk.. I was very impressed when we started to correspond even after she found out I was transgender. Instead of my “come hither” look which Connie always mentions in my pictures of that era, Liz said I had “sad eyes.” Sad eyes or not, we are still together nearly nine years later although I had to go through tons of idiots to arrive at where I am.

All these years later, I do feel we as a transgender population are making strides even with the disaster in Washington so maybe this new trans dating site may be an improvement:

“Transer is a true dating service that allows everyone to showcase their true colors and be accepted and loved for who they are. Designed as a platform for transgender dating, Transer connects men and women around the world looking for romance or love and addresses the many modern challenges of real-world or online dating. To learn more, please visit”

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