Pin Cushion

Yesterday was another medical travel day to see my “Primary Provider’ at the Veterans’s Administration. I was scheduled to see her in person a couple hours after I had an on line appointment with my therapist. Too bad the appointments weren’t reversed since I always have to answer questions on my moods because I am bi-polar.

During my second appointment I went ahead and caught up on all the shots I needed (shingles etc.) I was a big baby and they hurt! I.m always asked if I thought about harming anyone. Maybe a little bit in this case :). At least, after the mammogram is done Wednesday this week, all my painful medical appointments will be done for awhile. Between my blood labs last week and the phlebotomy, when they took a pint of blood to control my iron, I have very much felt like a pincushion. On the bright side though, most of my tests have come back very positive. 

On a different note, Connie commented again on our transgender – cross dresser “Role Model” post. She added Monty Python and the Kids in the Hall to the list.  Who could forget Dave Foley (below) as a hooker? Evidently I did! Thanks Connie.

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