What’s Next?

I have always been a “what’s next” person. Every time I accomplished something, I was looking for what was coming up next. It all carried over from my day to day life as a guy, all the way to my life as a cross dresser to novice transgender woman.  Once I went out and explored the world from a feminine perspective, I wanted to see how it felt to try it again…and again. Along the way, I considered the possibility the excitement of acting like a girl was what driving me on. The problem with the idea was I found being a girl was all so natural. Sooner more than later I ended up living a full time feminine existence.   

Looking back at the process, so much of it just seems to be a blur. While I see all the transgender women around who remember the exact day they threw out what was left of their male clothes, I don’t remember anything other than I did it. In fact, the only way I remember when I started Hormone Replacement Therapy is I began it on a New Years eve. Why? Because I was looking ahead to what was next. When would all the changes start. 

Now being quarantined has severely limited what is next. Unless I can talk Liz into going out for our anniversary dinner (nine years) soon. I just don’t see much “what’s next” in my future. 

The bigger problem is my age. In a month or so I will be 71, so sooner more than later, I will be running out of next’s. 


  1. Lately at least, I haven’t been looking for any “what’s next” challenges. Before the previous one is completed, the new challenge is there – competing for my attention! Maybe some day things will ease up!

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