Pronouns and the Trans Girl

 It does my soul good when I get addressed as “she” or “ladies” when I am with my partner Liz. 

In fact, one of the most difficult challenges I have faced during the pandemic has been the lack of positive feedback from the public. Since last March, we have only been out to eat three times. We have been out a few other times but only for necessities, mainly as we were masked at places like the pharmacy. We even have our groceries brought to us. As I said, it’s been tough to experience anyone using pronouns with me at all. 

I finally caved it to pressure and changed my name on “Zoom” to include my preferred pronouns. By “pressure” I mean, I began to see more and more transgender individuals including their pronouns. In one way I don’t mind it but in another way, I feel it is just another way to out myself. 

Of course as I always mention, I am fortunate to have had a strong trans affirming circle of friends around me for years. Going back to people like Kim, Nikki and Zena who helped me to learn up close and personal what a femininizing experience meant. It seemed they added the stage and all I had to add was the courage.

Back in those days of reckoning, the last thing I wanted to do was to give my name and add in my preferred pronouns. These days though, it seems the younger generation is cool with sharing their pronouns as a source of pride.’

Which is good with me.


  1. Around here, the pronoun-use issue seems to be running around 50/50, maybe less. My theory still is: it’s the masks. But we continue to wear them! Don’t want the virus!

  2. cyrsti says:

    No virus definitively from a silly pronoun!

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