The Boss is Transgender

Wynne Nowland (above) said it best:

“Once you have come to the conclusion that this is who you are … don’t delay.”

That’s the biggest lesson Wynne Nowland, CEO of insurance brokerage Bradley & Parker, learned going through her gender transition in mid-2017.

Nowland started working at the medium-sized firm in Melville, New York in 1986, and held several senior positions before becoming CEO and chair in January 2017, just a few months before her transition.

From Nowland’s earliest memory, she knew she was “different,” but it took her a long time to label it. It wasn’t until a few weeks after her 56th birthday in 2017 and four months after promotion to CEO that she had an “awakening” and decided she couldn’t hide her true self any longer.

Nowland sent an email to her 70-person staff telling them that she had made the decision to transition her gender.

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