Send in the Clowns?

 Recently I wrote a post concerning my opposition to drag queens having too much of an impact of
various Pride celebrations and received this comment from Connie: 

“It would make for a pretty boring parade if the drag queens were replaced by trans women “just wanting to blend in.” Not that one group necessarily shows more pride than the other; just different ways of expressing it. Personally, I much prefer to exhibit my self-pride with a quiet confidence – but, then, I’m not trying to entertain anyone with it. I’m not saying that drag queens are clowns, but I think that they serve the same purpose in a pride parade that the clowns do in a more-traditional parade.
I’m sure that the TV news show file clips of drag queens, when referencing Pride, because it’s sensational. The real life of a trans woman or man is rarely newsworthy or sensational. Although, I must say, just being able to be myself feels quite sensational to me!”

To be sure, drag queens make for good television but again the whole spectacle takes away from my respect for the whole event.  
As far as your comment about transgender women just wanting to blend in goes, I would prefer to see any of the trans women or men who are making a difference in the overall community be spotlighted. Perhaps a few of the big corporations are contributing to the event would be made aware of the problems the transgender community faces. Instead of the brief support  given the LGBT community, it could be more of a yearly process. 

Clowns are fun for a day or two promoting their weekend drag shows but do nothing for the transgender community. 


  1. Thanks for posting!
    I truly think there is a place for drag in the LGBTIQ community, however I find that the general community is often viewed through the lenses of a few. Drag does not signify the whole LGBT community, it is merely one aspect of it. Drag is one aspect of the LGBT community that people stereotype the whole community based on, such as partying, being ‘loud and proud’. The expressions and actions of a few do not tell the stories of everyone.

    Drag can be a means of self-expression for sure. But I don’t believe it should be spot-lighted or paraded over trans people.
    Yes, some trans people strive to ‘fit in’; they merely want to be authentic and accepted for who they are.
    Comparing drag and trans is nonsense. They are separate identities.

    Again, thank you sharing. You have highlighted some important messages within this post; top of which is you are sensational! Just because you are you!

    1. cyrsti says:

      Hi Sally! I agree with your well thought out comment. Thanks 🙂

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