Going back to the Cyrsti’s Condo post concerning levels of acceptance about how much you tell to who concerning your transgender transition, Marcia had this comment:

“My fraternity brothers, all of whom made the trip with me through transition, are now my “college friends.” :)”

Wow! Congratulations ! I would be interested to know how it happened Marcia. I can only guess you may have gone to some sort of reunion? As Connie pointed out, it certainly was not a Greek tragedy :).

Reunions are quite the topic. 

To go or not to go usually results in extensive angst. 

I’m old and I just passed my 50th high school reunion two years ago. Actually I didn’t pass the reunion, because I  didn’t go. I just didn’t feel comfortable going because in high school I wasn’t close to many people anyhow. I felt I would just be a distraction and had nothing to prove anyway. Just one of the reasons I admire those who do step out and go to reunions. 

If you have an enjoyable reunion story, I am sure all of us would love to hear it.