Just a touch of inspiration to take you into the New Years:

” Each day is a blank canvas…Go and make some marks!”

Also it is a great time to thank each and everyone of you who has stopped into Cyrsti’s Condo during the past year.

All of you have been my inspiration. 

Inspiration is Fleeting

Or is it? Every morning when I wake up, I do a quick self examination of my body to see what hurts the most, or at all. Very quickly I then move on to thinking about the blog and what I have written about in the past. Every now and then, I come up with a former experience from years ago in my past.

Plus every once in a while, I am able to find a picture to aid in the story. An example is this picture from a decade ago in 2010.  Somehow, I was able to come up with my own version of primitive photo shopping on my cell phone. I did it by taking my picture in a mirror so I could see myself as I did it. My goal was to take a picture to add to my profile on the multiple dating sites I was exploring. 

The hair in the photo was a wig of course. Ironically my hair currently is as long and nearly as wavy if I add a liberal amount of mousse after I wash it. 

It’s also taken me nearly a decade to grow my own breasts which were comparable to the forms I wore back then. Of course I am fortunate to have been able to undergo hormone replacement therapy at my age.

So, inspiration for a blog post is fleeting when I am well over 6,000 posts written for Cyrsti’s Condo.

One good thing about the picture is, it is the one my partner Liz saw and decided to respond to me because I had “sad eyes”. At that point in time I did. 

It was taken before I found a circle of accepting friends who helped me transition and gain a whole new level of inspiration.


 This quote really brought back memories of my very early days when I was entering out into a terrifying yet exciting feminine world. 

It seemed everytime I tried something would go wrong. An example would be when my heel snagged a crack in floor at a mall I was walking in. I went from from proudly walking along to almost falling on my face.  Overtime, I fell on my face quite a bit but I learned.

Overtime, I learned practice did make perfect and I learned to live as a transgender woman full time. Probably what really happened was I finally arrived at a point where I was comfortable in my own skin and didn’t need an imagined acceptance from the world to live an authentic life.

This quote comes close to saying it all: