My Cup Runneth Over

 Well, actually it doesn’t when it comes to my breasts. 

Following years of not really needing to wear a bra, I decided to try a few of the old bras I have saved from my “falsie” days to see how far I had progressed. The quick answer was, not as far as I had thought. 

To make a long story short, I could fill out a “C” cup bra but fell well short of a “D” cup. While I was slightly disappointed, I still decided to wear what remained of my “C” cup bras to get used to wearing bras.

So far, so good. The extra feeling of restriction hasn’t really bothered me as much as I thought it would. I guess I was finally going through a much delayed female rite of passage. A training bra undoubtedly is part of every young girl’s path through puberty and on to adulthood. Perhaps you noticed I didn’t say womanhood because not every girl makes it to be a fully socialized woman. In other words, the terms women and men are socially related in addition to being gender related. 

I doubt it but I don’t expect much change in my breast development with my current increase in my Estradiol prescription. I am well aware, extra synthetic estrogen can only provide so much development.  Plus, during my years on hormone replacement therapy, I have always preferred to stay on the side of caution as far as my dosages went because of my age.

Besides, I really don’t have anyone to impress. My partner Liz is quite well endowed in the breast department so she doesn’t pay me much attention. Of course too, we are into the colder fall/winter season around here and we don’t go anywhere because of covid, no one else see’s me either. 

What I am hoping for is the hormones will develop me more over the next six months, so I can enjoy a more feminine figure this Spring and Summer. Since I am not into wearing any “shape wear” of any kind, what the public see’s is all me.

Perhaps my cup will run over with more than a cold cocktail when summer rolls around.