It’s been Ohio hot around here. Heat index highs daily have registered over 100 degrees (F) for a week now. To make matters worse, our air conditioner in the house doesn’t work. Due to these conditions, I have decided to pursue my “natural” look more completely. 

Of course, it is easy because I don’t go anywhere to speak of since I am staying home to be safe. On occasion though, I do have to go out. This morning was an example. My partner Liz had an emergency prescription she needed picked up at the pharmacy.  Since I wasn’t doing anything else important, I volunteered to go get it for her. 

For the first time I can remember I just went as I was and used the drive through. I just pulled my hair back and went for it. I was wearing sleeveless tank top, jeans and tennis shoes. Of course, as I did it it wasn’t such a big deal because all I did was go through a drive thru. 
But after I returned home, I began to think of all those years I had to try to get dressed up to even consider going out. I guess I should give ll my thanks to the effects of hormone replacement therapy. It has taken me to a point past androgyny and all the way to being feminine enough to get by with out much work.

This new acceptance of who I am has come just in time for a hot summer!