Gender Reintroduction

Tommy Dorfman is reintroducing herself.

The “13 Reasons Why” star, who played Ryan Shaver in the Netflix series, revealed that she has been “privately identifying and living as a woman” in a Time interview published Thursday. 

“Today is about clarity: I am a trans woman. My pronouns are she/her. My name is Tommy,” Dorfman said, adding that she has officially undergone a  medical transition as well.



 The television drama “Pose” has been around for awhile now. In fact it just premiered it’s third season.

Here is a look at the show from Google :

“Set in the 1980s, `Pose’ is a dance musical that explores the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in New York: the ball culture world, the rise of the luxury Trump-era universe, and the downtown social and literary scene. Blanca forms a `house’, a self-selected family that provides

 support to LGBTQ youth who have been rejected by their birth families. Damon is a dancer who joins Blanca’s house. Together, they compete in the balls — where house members challenge each other in various categories and are judged on their outfits, attitude, or dance skills — against Blanca’s former house mother, Elektra. Pray Tell is Godfather to the children who compete in the balls. Angel is a streetwalker who develops feelings for a new client, Stan, who has a loving wife, Patty. James Van Der Beek co-stars as Stan’s boss, “

Of interest to us is the fact the show is produced by transgender icon “Janet Mock” (top image) and features several transgender actors. 

I watched it for the first time recently and was fascinated. Even by the reproductions of the New York drag balls. I have never been to anything close to a drag ball but have been to several fairly good sized parties which featured many drag queens. I remember the energy was palpable. 

One of my favorite characters is played by Indya Moore (above) who identifies as transgender and non binary. Preferred pronouns are “she/her” and “they/them”. 

The show is on Sunday nights at 10pm EDT around here and airs on the “FX” network. I’m sure it’s available on a streaming service too.

Jen Richards

Richards not only starred in Her Story, she also co-produced it. The show went on to receive an Emmy nomination back in 2016. But more importantly, Richards, who has since appeared on TV series like Nashville, Better Things, and Tales of the City, has been working hard to promote trans visibility.

She founded an organization called Trans 100, which works to honor and recognize trans people and businesses that are doing positive things for the community. She has also been an advocate for pushing producers to cast actual trans people in trans roles. Her picture is below.

Jamie Clayton

 Honored by Out magazine back in 2011 for being one of the top transgender personalities, Jamie Clayton (below)has been portraying transgender characters for the last decade, starting off with HBO series Hung in 2011.

She has also done work to help young kids going through the confusing stages of their lives and gender identities by narrating the young adult novel George about a transgender girl. Sense8, the Netflix series that garnered Clayton an even bigger following than she already had is one of many that fans believe was cancelled far too soon. It has since developed a cult following.

Josie Totah Steps Up

From “”:

Josie Totah plays Lexi: a sharp-tongued cheerleader, the epitome of a Gen Z Valley Girl, and the fashionista queen bee of Bayside High, who is also transgender. In the show, Lexi’s gender identity is not her biggest plot point and is instead treated as a matter of fact, something that excited Josie when showrunner Tracy Wigfield approached her for the role. “Getting to play a role that’s dynamic and interesting and more than what people think about on the outside is such a gift as an actor,” Josie says. “[Lexi is] this mean, fun, aspirational, fantastical character that also happens to be transgender — but it [isn’t] everything about her. That was really important to me and the people that I talked to in the trans community because so much of the trans representation in [media] has to do with struggle … and that’s only when it’s done in favor of trans people, [most] of the time [the media] perpetuates the negative stigmas and stereotypes that create the erasure of trans people in our world.”

Actress Makes Transgender History

 Trans activist Shakina Nayfact is making history again as she lands a starring role in the new NBC comedy The show which is called “Connecting” will be on Thursday nights. Nayfact (below) is making history as the first transgender regular on a prime time television show. Here is a brief description from the “Advocate” : 

“On the topic of her history-making role, Nayfack placed it in the larger context of the transgender movement. “It feels like a huge honor and a huge responsibility to get right,” she said. “And also, I think it is a benchmark in a process of social change that so many other trans artists have forged alongside me and ahead of me. I like to stay away from the narratives of like, you know, ‘first achievement’ and think more about the legacy that we are building together as a community of trans actors fighting for representation for the rest of us out in the world.”

However, in a time when few Hollywood productions are being made due to the pandemic, and in an election season to boot, Nayfack acknowledged how special it was to have a trans character represented.

“I look at Connecting as one of the first shows to be made amid the crisis of COVID-19. And one of the seven series regulars on that show is a trans woman,” she said. “So that’s really exciting to me because we’re already guaranteed admission. We’re here. We’re inside the theme park. So let’s go on some rides.”

Perhaps some day we will come to the point where we don’t have to point out an actor or actress is transgender at all!

Nip Tuck Returns

The “FX” television network is teaming up with the “Hulu” viewing platform to stream some of their old shows. Included is the “Nip Tuck” show.

If you remember, the show was among the first to feature a transgender woman in a trans role. The transgender woman was/is the beautiful Candis Cayne. (below)The show aired in 2009. For more, go here.