Another Summer

Another summer has come and gone, way too quickly. Even though summer is not my favorite season, it’s almost time to consider putting all my seasonal sleeveless tank tops away and taking stock of my sweaters which are still wearable from my wardrobe. I say “about” time because here in Ohio we always have what we call an Indian summer when temperatures hit normally summer like temperatures. In the meantime, we have been enjoying rare wonderful fall weather away from all the fires and hurricanes plaquing the country. Where ever you are, I hope you are staying safe. Of course too, we have the continuing tragic problems with the Covid virus.

I keep thinking as bad as the year 2020 has been, I ought to try to slow down the march of time as much as I can, because as I near 71 years of age, realistically, I don’t know how many summers I have left. But that is a whole other subject. On a lighter note, I did take advantage of the good weekend weather to finally start to clean out my old car which is probably heading for the junk yard. Being the procrastinator that I am, I still have a couple weeks before the license tags expire and I have to get it off the street. Interestingly, none of the neighborhood kids I encountered yesterday paid me any mind whatsoever. 

On another level, the car represents one of the few remaining ties I have with my old pre transition self. Cutting ties all the way with it would provide me yet another way to cut ties with the past. 

Later on today, I hope to take advantage of the weather and do a little more work on the car. When the rains come later on in the week, I plan on going through all my clothes. I did find a The Ohio State hoodie in the back of the car I can wear on my walks when the weather cools off again. And I’m excited the Buckeyes (OSU) are going to start playing football again in about a month. 

Go Bucks!

The End Signals a Beginning

It’s Labor Day Weekend around here which signals the symbolic end of summer. Weather wise though, it takes a while for the seasonal changes to set in.

I have always enjoyed the fall season. From the changing colors to the fashions, fall has represented change for me. Plus, being transgender, the opportunity to change has had it’s own special appeal.

Along the way I learned I wasn’t changing as much as I was growing into my true self. While it’s true my own personal fall leaves were changing colors, my inner self (or tree) was staying the same or even prospering.

At my advanced age (nearly 71) I know I am looking forward to the winter of my life. Perhaps I should try to make the most of the fall season I am experiencing.

If you are in a part of the world which experiences seasons. Enjoy yours!

Colder Than???

It’s downright cold here in Southwestern Ohio. Yesterday and today, wind chill temperatures went down as low as the single digits (Fahrenheit). 

Of course, as luck would have it, Liz and I had plenty of errands to run yesterday. Getting bundled up for the adventure reminded me of Ralphie’s younger brother in the holiday classic movie “A Christmas Story.” If you are not aware, his mother dressed him so warmly, he looked like the “Michelin Man.” 

For the weather and cold, I pulled out my heavy duty tan and brown 3/4 length fringed sweater coat and added a warm hand knitted cowl to keep my neck warm. Liz’s son referred to me as a character from “Game of Thrones.” No matter, I figured it was a popular series and I just wanted to stay warm. 

We needed to make three stops yesterday. The places we shopped were for food and medications so there was no lingering over any fashion needs. By this point in the season anyhow, I’m starting to reassess my Spring wardrobe. I did buy refills on my daily moisturizer, skin deep cleaning wipes and foundation. 

For some reason, my gender confidence level was at a recent all time high. You might say I was out and proud. Of course it’s so very rare anymore I get any negative reactions, I don’t expect anything else. So the afternoon of errands was over fairly quickly and we made it home to warm up with a big bowl of Liz’s home made chili. 

A good cold day, ended up a warm cozy one.